Bio Char

Bio Charm, Biochar soil amendment

1 bag – 15 quarts / 14.2 L – 1 bag will amend 5 square feet of soil, 2-4 large potted plants or 1 small fruit tree.

Biochar is composed largely of carbon, which retains nutrients and water to help gardens thrive.  Roasting tree trimmings, leaves and other organic materials produces biochar.  Biochar stays in the soil for centuries without reapplication.

Retains Nutrients – Biochar acts as a storehouse in the soil for the nutrients in fertilizers that otherwise might wash away with rain or watering.  Without biochar most soils have a limited ability to retain nutrients and so gardeners regularly reapply fertilizers to replace what washes away.  Biochar is a smart investment that helps your garden thrive.

Actively Fights Global Warming – Excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the largest contributor to global warming.  Using Biocharm sequesters carbon in the soil, away from the atmosphere.  Since biochar lasts for many centuries, the carbon is safely hidden away protecting the planet.

Increases Water Retention – Biocharm holds moisture keeping your plants hydrated longer after each watering.

Ingredients – Biochar, composted blend of poultry manure and plant material, natural zeolite.