I’m Shane Barlow, born and raised in Sonoma County.  I attended Petaluma High School, moved on to Santa Rosa Junior College to get my Associate of Arts Degree and I finished up with my Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California of Santa Cruz.

I started Barlow Hauling to meet the needs of Sonoma County’s gardeners and contractors.  I obtained my Commercial Driver License at the age of 19 when I use to deliver and pick up printing products for the family business, Barlow Printing.

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On the John Muir Trail

My hobbies include hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, tennis, and classic cars.  I have been to the summit of three 14,000 foot mountains: Mt. Shasta; Mt. Thunderbolt; and Mt. Whitney.  I have hiked the John Muir Trail, 220 miles in 16 days.  And I have done extensive traveling throughout Europe and lived in London, England for a year.

****I would like to raise awareness of the tragic ivory trade taking place in Africa.  African elephant poaching (killing elephants for only their tusks) is at unprecedented levels being fueled by China and other Asian Nations rise in prosperity.

The hunting of elephants is being conducted by highly armed rebel gangs, military, and terrorists with links to Al-Qaeda.  They have learned the profits from selling ivory can fund their activities and be used to purchase weapons and ammo.  The military is thought to be involved because helicopters are being used to roundup the elephants to shoot them from the air with high powered riffles.

The main buyers of ivory are Chinese.  Culturally, ivory is used as a status symbol to show an individual’s rise to wealth over the working class.

This needs to STOP!  Please spread the word or boycott Chinese made products which are outsourced by American Companies because of cheap labor.  The Chinese and Asian Nation’s cultural attitudes need to change in order to stop the insensible killings of elephants and Rhinos!!

No one owns these animals and no one has the right to wipe them off the face of the earth because of materialism.  We as a global community need to protect the earth’s resources and animals before people or countries blinded by the empty satisfaction of wealth destroy what we love.

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